If you have a cardiac device, these devices need regular follow up and monitoring. Some devices have a remote monitoring system that will be organised at the time of implantation. This allows for non-critical information regarding the device and heart rhythm to be transmitted to your treating cardiologist and serves as a fail-safe in-between office visit with the cardiologist.

Cardiac devices are increasingly sophisticated and is also exposed to significant mechanical stress while it is within the body.  Therefore, these devices require periodic checks, which are done through a wand that is often placed on the chest over the device at the time of the device check. This creates a wireless link between the device and programming device. Various parameters of the device are checked and we ensure it is within normal limits.

The device will also log abnormal cardiac electrical activity and this is also checked for during the device clinic appointment.

The frequency of these checks depends on various factors, including type of cardiac device, remaining battery life and the presence of any concerning findings on the previous check.