About Jane McCarthy

Jane is an enthusiastic and passionate nurse with over 10 years experience in the field of Cardiology. She spent majority of her career at the Alfred Hospital and Cabrini Health, where she was able to consolidate her critical thinking and gain an abundance of knowledge pertaining to the heart.  

Health promotion is an area of interest for Jane, particularly relating to exercise and a balanced diet to help patients achieve their health goals. At Vital Heart Care, Jane works closely with the 5 cardiologists to provide outstanding healthcare to our wide range of cardiac patients. If you have any medical or clinical questions, she is just a phone call away! 

Outside of work Jane enjoys keeping active and travelling. After a few years of working for the same company she would normally get itchy feet and travel with her Nursing registration. However she has come to realise working in 2 different states & a territory in Australia is enough for one lifetime and so she is here to stay!

Jane Mccarthy